About The Pink House

Wearing PJs in the day - priceless

Wearing PJs in the day - priceless

Hey! I’m Emily, founder and editor of The Pink House.  I’m mum to two hilarious little boys, wife to the long-suffering Pink House Husband, and I live in an actual pink house (told you he was long-suffering).

Once upon a time I lived in London and worked as a lifestyle journalist at various glossy magazines. I went to fabulous bars. I went to gorgeous hotels. I went out at 10pm and came home at 5am ON SCHOOL NIGHTS.  I even jumped off rooftops for cash, but that’s another story for another time.

Then one day, after hours of high-pitched swearing in Hampstead, I ejected a tiny human and life went mental. The tiny human refused to sleep for more than an hour at a time and his hobbies were a) screaming loudly, and b) screaming frequently. After 10 months we conceded defeat, left our beloved London and headed to Edinburgh, where the grandparents AKA relief care team awaited us.

Six years and two kids later, the parties, posh hotels and late nights are far less frequent. But just because I can’t go out as much, doesn’t mean I’ve given up on fabulousness – it just means my home's had to pick up the slack.

Since moving into my pink house, I’ve been obsessed with making it look and feel as fun, beautiful and buzzy as my favourite bars, restaurants and hotels. Along the way, I've met some incredibly talented people, who know how to make your home (and you) feel five-star worthy.

And that's what The Pink House (est: 29 Feb 2016) is all about: taking interiors inspiration and advice from fabulous people and places, and using it to make your place amazing. Our Travel section showcases cutting-edge interiors, food and drink from the coolest and prettiest hotels, bars and restaurants. In Pink House Loves you'll find our hottest home buys in Shopping and Art, as well as our Opinion section. In Expert Advice we share our interior design tips and ask distinguished designers and stylists for their home decor advice, too. Inside Amazing Homes you'll find exclusive Home Tours, plus loads of inspo in the form of individual rooms.  Finally, if you fancy a nosy into my own home and life, go Inside The Pink House. I'll make some more tea.